Full Screen
Use the show button to show your message on
   full screen with a very large font.
Useful for communicating in a noisy environment.
Button to flip the text to show your message to the
   person opposite of you.
Speech Assistant for iPhone and iPad
Other features
Connect a bluetooth keyboard and create shortcuts
   for Speak, Clear, Show and Attention Sound.
Button to share your message to mail, text and social
Option for preventing double tapping by disabling the
   button (for a short time) after touching.
Undo option in case of unintentionally tapping the
   clear button.
Attention sound button on Main and Full screen.
English (Aus), Catherine
English (Aus), Gordon
English (Aus), Karen*
English (Aus), Lee

English (UK), Arthur
English (UK), Daniel*
English (UK), Kate
English (UK), Martha
English (UK), Oliver
English (UK), Serena

English (US), Aaron
English (US), Allison
English (US), Ava
English (US), Fred
English (US), Nicky
English (US), Samantha*
English (US), Susan
English (US), Tom
English (US), Victoria
Complete list of Voices available with iOS 10
English (Ire), Moira*
English (SA), Tessa*

Czech, Iveta
Czech, Zuzana*
Slovak, Laura*

Danish, Magnus
Danish, Sara*

Dutch (Bel), Ellen*
Dutch (NL), Claire
Dutch (NL), Xander*

German, Anna*
German, Helena
German, Markus
German, Martin
German, Yannick

Greek, Melina*
Greek, Nikos
Finnish, Onni
Finnish, Satu*

French (Can), Amelie*
French (Can), Chantal
French (Can), Nicolas

French (Fr), Audrey
French (Fr), Aurelie
French (Fr), Daniel
French (Fr), Marie
French (Fr), Thomas*

Hebrew, Carmit*
Hindi, Lekha*
Hindi, Neel
Hungarian, Mariska*
Indonesian, Damayanti*

Italian, Alice*
Italian, Federica
Italian, Luca
Japanese, Hattori
Japanese, Kyoko*
Japanese, O-ren
Japanese, Otoya
Korean, Sora
Korean, Yuna*

Norwegian, Henrik
Norwegian, Nora*

Portuguese (Br), Felipe
Portuguese (Br), Luciana*
Portuguese (Por), Catarina
Portuguese (Por), Joana*
Portuguese (Por), Joaquim

Polish, Ewa
Polish, Krzysztof
Polish, Zosia*
Romanian, Ioana*
Russian, Katya
Russian, Milena*
Russian, Yuri
Spanish (Sp), Jorge
Spanish (Sp), Marisol
Spanish (Sp), Monica*
Spanish (Mex), Angelica
Spanish (Mex), Juan
Spanish (Mex), Paulina*

Swedish, Alva*
Swedish, Klara
Swedish, Oskar

Turkish, Cem
Turkish, Yelda*

Thai, Kanya*
Thai, Narisa
Chinese (Ch), Li-mu
Chinese (Ch), Ting-Ting*
Chinese (Ch), Yu-shu
Chinese (HK), Sin-Ji*
Chinese (Tw), Mei-Jia*
(* also available in iOS 9)
Default Categories and Phrases
During installation the app will be filled with example categories and phrases in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish or Portugese depending on the language of your device.

Speech Assistant is an AAC app designed for people who are speech impaired. This may be in the case of aphasia, MND/ALS, after a stroke, in case of vocal cord problems or other speech problems. The app is easy to use and can be completely customized to  your needs and preferences.

With the app you can create categories and phrases, which are placed on buttons. With these buttons you can create messages that can be shown or spoken (text-to-speech). It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.
Fully Customizable
In the settings of the app, you can completely customize the app to your needs and preferences.

Layout and Colors
The size of the buttons, the textbox and the text can be
The app has various color schemes and you can also
   create a personal color scheme.
Change the order of the buttons in the settings with
   drag and drop.
Change the colors of the icons on the buttons.

Speech Settings
The voice can be selected in the settings of the app.
The rate and pitch of the speech can be adjusted.
Option to speak each Word or Character directly while
Optional highlighting of the spoken words.
Pause and resume speaking by tapping the speak button
   again (optional setting).

For all devices
The app is available for both iPhone and iPad.
Portrait and landscape layout for all devices.
Voices and languages
The voice can be selected in the settings of the app.
The app uses iOS built in text-to-speech voices.
With iOS 9 there are 37 voices for 27 languages
With iOS 10 there are much more voices available for
   most languages: 93 voices for 27 languages.
   Before the new voices can be selected in the app,
   most of them have to be downloaded first in the
   settings of your device:
Categories and Phrases
Add, change or delete your own categories, words
   or phrases.
You can create an unlimited number of categories
   to organize your phrases for quick access.
Long press (optional setting) to easily edit the phrase
   and category buttons.
Auto Search option which automatically searches
   through all your phrases and puts the found phrases
   on the buttons.
Option to sort the phrases automatically.
Backup and Restore your categories and phrases to
   iCloud, also convenient for syncing between your
Full Screen